Jim   Pal

Several people have asked me questions regarding his palette [glass painted gray underneath] and the paints he used. Here’s the list and he laid them out in an ell from left to right. [They are mostly Utrecht and Winsor Newton]:

Titanium white

Cad yellow

Med cad orange

Yellow ochre

Raw sienna

Terra rosa        [sometimes Indian Red both WN]

Cad red           [WN he loved this color for sunsets, light on clouds]

Alizarin crimson

[Burnt Sienna—he used this when he did westerns, not so much in his landscapes]

Magenta          WN

Purple Lake     WN

Burnt umber

Raw umber      [only recently added this color]

Olive green      WN


Sap Green

Ultramarine blue

Cobalt Blue

Payne’s Gray   [99% of time never uses black]

Also in his drawer: Permanent green light; Winsor Green and Winsor blue green shade; but I’ve seldom seen him use them

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